Ilene Joy celebrates the rebel within us


A free spirit from the beginning, Ilene Joy grew up in her mother’s sculpture studio, watching dreams comes to life. Born with a natural sense of artistry, she was always curious to explore the world around her. Rock & Roll swept her away, and Ilene fell in love with the soulful music of artists like The Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen. Her early artistic influences were all powered by a musical heartbeat. Drawn to the wild beauty of horses, Ilene bought a historic equestrian estate in Bedford, New York, where she raised her family, all while creating jewelry in her breeches and riding boots. Fascinated by the power of her two passions – music and horses – Ilene’s creative expression was fueled.



Drawing on her love of life, and a passion for capturing its bounty through handmade fine jewelry, Ilene Joy is an artisan renown for pushing the boundaries and making all moments matter. For more than twenty years, her talent has touched many who dare to shine differently – attracting rock stars, celebrities and fashion icons, who have coveted her pieces and made their mark on the world.

Creating jewels that capture the energy of youth and the carefree ambition of self-believing women, each piece sees precious stones and fine metals brought to life with an inspired effervescence -­‐ synonymous with the young at heart, and how they transcend through life.

“I love the fluidity of my pieces, watching how they move when she moves, how they effortlessly become part of her, entwining with her beauty, her mind, her confidence, her spirit. Beautiful jewelry is not meant to simply be worn, it is a talisman for strength, for capturing one’s power and own light, and showcasing it to the world. When I create a piece for the Ilene Joy woman, I know that she is ready to make her moment in life count.”


materials and practice

Capturing the artisanal whim of Ilene Joy’s refreshing take on contemporary fine jewelry, her New York City workshop tells a story of intrigue and impeccable craftsmanship, paralleled with the visual aesthetic of modern luxury. Ilene uses a very hands on approach that sees the evolution of an idea, to a unique piece of art that takes the form of jewelry with a purist’s respect and reverence to the materials she uses, and the women who wear them.

Every piece of Ilene Joy jewelry is handmade locally in New York City by her master jeweler and small team of artisans. Nothing is machine-manufactured and one-of-a-kind pieces take center stage. The smallest detail is painstakingly considered by her master craftsmen throughout the entire process. Ilene Joy works exclusively with a variety of exquisitely cut diamonds which are triple excellent quality, F color, and VS clarity, almost unheard of in the fine jewelry space. With no stone unturned, the vast collection of gemstones she collects from around the globe are transcended into a new world of contemporary femme. Uncanny for the creation of cool, she sees a combination of vivacity and the majesty of precious materials brought to life.